Animals are capable of human feelings. That's what bonds us to our pets. :)

puppy face

Pit Bull Puppy

How to Care for Your Puppy

no, puppy, you could not be any cuter.


what a beautiful smile on such cutie pie

how cute

Hug a baby elephant today! (If possible)

So cute!!!

No way....Golden cocker retriever (full grown); a puppy that looks like a puppy forever!!

Cutie mark

"Can I come home with you, please"? This is why I can't go to the pet shelters, I would have too many dogs!

Of all the French Bulldog pics I've seen... this is my Favorite. The puppy looks like s/he's having SO MUCH FUN!: Animals, French Bulldogs, Pet, Happy, Frenchbulldog, Puppy, Frenchie, Smile



Cute little dog


puppy face