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    I love this... Nice that laundry can not fall behind machine and a folding table right on top! Also like that you can close it up!

    I WANT! Sliding Pot Holder

    One of those "Why didn't I think of this?!" things...

    Temperature Sensitive Tiles. When I get my own house I'm so getting these

    I can easily make this out of my old desk... just need a mirror and the lights... and somehow construct a drawer.

    Hidden doors -- This company makes cabinets, bookshelves and anything you can think of that fits your existing doorjambs thus hiding the door (and also making use of the space). If you click through checkout the "gun cabinet" door. Lots of great ideas.

    Fully functioning Alice in Wonderland door knob! If I can find this, I'm definitely putting it on the front door

    A solar brick. charges during the day, uses LED. Light a path, driveway, etc. for 8 hrs at night.

    4 Piece Cove Beach Lounge Set

    Over-the-pool rock wall. I would never worry about falling.

    Mushroom Lamps. I want one!

    Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

    Simple ideas yet so clever! (11 Pics)

    BEST PARENTS EVER!!!!!!!!!

    We've rounded up some cool home gadgets and products that think outside the box.

    Monet-inspired "water lily" succulent arrangement

    No more mail piles on the dining room table...

    movie room couch/bed? yes please.

    Seriously gorgeous! Stir a packet or two into your paint and transform your walls with a hint of sparkle. Love, love this product! Available at Lowe's in gold or silver.

    For the first day of spring. Birds will take a string (or multiples) and weave them into their nests! Colorful Nests!

    Our first house ornament.

    GENIUS…Line a pathway with rocks painted in glow in the dark paint. During the day they “charge” in the sun and in the evening they reflect the stored light. Rust-Oleum Glow in the Dark Brush-on Paint.

    This is the most awesome driveway ever. These are glow in the dark stones that you mix in with concrete! They absorb sunlight in the day, and glow all night!

    Savin Couelle Villa, late 1970's.