Smelled so good!

BLUE CHEER Detergent Box 1960s This made your clothes smell soooo good. I can smell it now. (It's not the same smell now.)

Can almost still smell it...

Vintage Gerber Baby Cereal Boxes

Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers).

Cloth hand drying..

Johnson's No More Tangles. I can still remember the smell!

heavy rubber over the shoe snow boots 1960's | 1960's - Children's rubber boots | Childhood Memories | Pinterest

Mr.Bubble ... still remember the smell!

The beginning of "all natural".

Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo, 1973...Smelled so good! But not as good as "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!"

Spray snow & stencils

DUZ laundry detergent; came with a glass tumbler

Tame. Loved this stuff!

taking the clothes in off the line.

I remember just how this smelled!!

reminds me of my dad...used it to cure everything!

I still remember the smell

I can still smell it.

Remember When??? Moon boots were a 'must have' for me in the late 70's~ Do kids today love them like we did?

this is how we had to #dry our hair.