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    Smelled so good!

    BLUE CHEER Detergent Box 1960s This made your clothes smell soooo good. I can smell it now. (It's not the same smell now.)

    Mr.Bubble ... still remember the smell!

    Vintage Gerber Baby Cereal Boxes

    Cloth hand drying..

    Can almost still smell it...

    My mom said they used it on me when I was cutting's got Morphine in it and is 44% alcohol, now that explains a lot ! LOL. I didn't have about four or five doses in my lifetime, but all I remember is the smell!

    Play Doh! ~ Mmm, the smell!

    Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers).

    Yarn headbands

    I can still smell these!

    spray snow


    Those are the wrappers I remember.

    Flashcubes - remember the smell after you used them?

    Old School Crayons~ 8 in a box! Still love their smell!

    Wringer Washing Machines

    "Sprinkler bottle" Used when ironing before the days of steam irons.

    Bayer's Children's asprin. 1950s-1960s., Remember the smell of the baby aspirin? I loved the taste!

    Burn Barrel. Loved the smell of burning leavesw in the fall. Some people still have burn barrels.

    taking the clothes in off the line. The sheets always smelled so fresh!