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    Remember This


    • Lauren Sergesketter

      If you think that what you say, or even what you don't say won't hurt someone, remember this picture. Words hurt.

    • Devin Boyd

      protect our children. This breaks my heart but is a great illustration of the power of words.

    • Erin Miller

      This picture breaks my heart. But its so true words hurt worse than any fist

    • Jacqueline Pfeiffer

      This picture breaks my heart and is hard to look, but it is incredibly true. I've heard so many adults say things about their children, assuming that they aren't listening or out of anger/frustration. Kids are listening! Build them up instead of tearing them down!!

    • JaLesha Olson

      Your words have power. Use them wisely. Have always remembered being taught that you can't take back the things you say and they will always be remembered. The quote I remember goed something like this: "It often takes a thousand words soft spoken everyday to counteract the 1 or 2 you didn't mean to say". I try to never say anything detrimental to anyone. Good for my kids to grow up knowing too. Love how powerful this picture is!!!!

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