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    • Monica Jane Photography

      I have this idea for a band aid called "be grateful" band aids. So the band aid is a picture of a really awful disease or major laceration. That way when you bandage your kids leg you can say "quit your crying, you should be grateful you don't have a (look at band aid, determine ailment) crones disease!"

    • Laurie Sefton

      what happened band-aids. I don't have these in my first aid kit. ;) funny. I bet kids would love these and it would help nurses be able to give shots promising the rare cool band AID! (I am a nurse I would think of that)

    • Skye Middaugh

      What Happened Band Aid #urbanoutfitters

    • Megan Potter

      Urban Outfitters "What Happened?" bandages. Shark bite, ninja fight, jousting, dance off. too funny!

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