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Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things happen because you're stupid and make bad decisions.

Funny rotten ecard - Stupid people -



I really need to stop saying, "How stupid can you be?" Some people are starting to take it as a personal challenge.

I'm not arguing. I'm explaining why I'm correct.


The hardest part of my job is being nice to stupid people.

Lol exactly!

HAD to pin for ASHLEY. LOL. She could say this all day where she works. "Congrats on getting away with stuff I would get fired for".

Bwahahaha!!-I hope you see this and KNOW that I AM talking to you!!!


true story



Im sorry there isnt a relationship status on Facebook that accurately describes our situation. #ecards #funny

I WANT one. Haha, this is just brilliant! |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Doormats||Funny doormats||Funny signs|

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