Graphic-ExchanGE - a selection of graphic projects

Stitch Design Co. created the logo and packaging for this line of all-natural soy wax candles poured into discarded wine bottles:

@Lauren Maibach you probably shot your project already but thought this was a nice layout

Work by Russian designer Pavel Emelyanov for Sommelier Markov Anatoly. Photography by Pleshkov Andrey. Identity Design for Sommelie

ich weiß nicht aber ich denke tatsächlich eine art rosa/pink ton sollte mit rein - aber ich möchte nicht, dass es girly pink wirkt

I really like the way this design creates the impression of the wine using a monochromatic colour scheme to imply the splashing of the wine.

jam jar labels, play between fonts

Love this label style. (Bonnie's Jams label redesign by Louise Fili inspired by handwriting samples.