Mustache Baby

This is dumb but I'm cracking up!

hahaha best photo ever!! Mustache on a pacifier!

Pregnancy announcement

Safety first, at least he has the hat on! So Sorry, OSHA! lol

Now this is just plain hilarious! AWE.

Hahahaha... Maybe not Baby

Newborn Photography Baby Cowboy @Kamryn Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Van Laar Sands - you should do this!!!

Too funny!

hahahah :)

Funny baby eating cake..cant stop laughing..i dont like it when ppl try touching my cake too! haha


Guitar Baby Onesie

I don't want to laugh - but I can't help it!

love it

Baby Boy <3



@Sarah Reasinger - for Ben :)

baby shower gift idea. I guess only if the person had a sense of humor though--otherwise the party could get a little uncomfortable. hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!