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  • Rilla Cox

    KIOWA DUTCH ... white captive known as Boin-edal (Big Blond) by the Kiowa. Little is known about this man, other than he was 8 yrs old when taken captive in 1835, the year the Kiowa Indians raided all the way to the Texas Gulf Coast. Both parents, only having arrived from Germany 3 years prior were killed. Boin-edal remained with the Kiowa all his life, unknown to the whites until a blond white man was discovered living among the tribe when placed on the Kiowa reservation.

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File name: 09_06_000005 Cab no.: Cab 23.41.1 Title: In Summer, Kiowa Creator/Contributor: Rinehart, F. A. (Frank A.) (photographer) Copyright date: 1898 Physical description: 1 photographic print : platinum Summary: Three Kiowa braves. Genre: Platinum prints; Portrait photographs Subjects: Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition (1898 : Omaha, Neb.); Indians of North America; Kiowa Indians Notes: Rinehart No. 1042 Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department Rights: No known restrictions

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Kiowa Boys, photographed at Fort Sill, Indian Territory, 1890 by H. P. Robinson. Part of the Lawrence T. Jones III Texas photography collection. Series 4: Texas Locations and People.

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  • Kat Gi

    This is a gorgeous photo of an amazing elder in our human family. A few of you on here have made some rather disprespectful comments that are beautiful examples of what is the sad truth about many in our modern society - ugly on the inside. Disparaging the aged isn't clever, it's pathetic.

  • Sue Hebert

    Kathy, There was no disrespect intended in my comment and I do not appreciate your judgement and lack of sense of humor. We have as much right to our sense of humor as you do to your judgmental attitude. Does that make me "ugly on the inside"? Maybe in YOUR opinion it does. I will try not to lose sleep over that. May God bless you.

  • Cheryl McQueen

    Truly amazing...

  • Tereasa Wickware-Wilson

    I actually think he his absolutely beautiful. To think all that he has lived through, the heartaches, hardtimes, happiness and blessings. A visit with him would be rather educational and most memorable.

  • Mark Kelly

    I find all of these photos beautiful and sad. Beautiful for the time, place and culture that existed. Sad for the cultures, languages and traditions no longer a part of our world. The same thing has happened with countless other cultures. Always sad, the loss of one's universe.

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* Medicine Crow: As a youth of fifteen, Medicine Crow went on his first war party. In the next nineteen years, he led a vigorous and often dangerous life of a Plains Indian warrior. For twelve of those years he was a war chief noted for his agility in hand-to-hand combat, courage, and dependability in bringing his men back home not only safely but victorious ~ Artist by: steeelll *

Indians - A Young Navaho Indian Mother with Papoose A young Navaho Indian mother with her papoose strapped onto its cradle board. These proud and courageous people live in hogans like the one that is in the background.

  • Vee 💖

    There still some hogans and surprisingly it is nice and cool inside during the hot summers.

  • Miriam Wesson

    My dad is from New Mexico where the Navajo and the Puebla live.

This is a women from the chikasaw tribe,she lookes different from us because they make their own clothes and food

Nez Perce Indian, Washington, 1899. Pinned by indus® in honor of the indigenous people of North America who have influenced our indigenous medicine and spirituality by virtue of their being a member of a tribe from the Western Region through the Plains including the beginning of time until tomorrow.