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      Abraham Lincoln's inauguration in 1861. #abrahamlincoln #civilwar

    • Amber

      Crowds assemble for the first inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861. The Civil War would start weeks later.

    • Charlotte Johnson

      U.S. President Abraham Lincoln stands under cover at the center of Capitol steps during his inauguration in Washington, D.C., on March 4, 1861. The scaffolding at upper right was used in construction of the Capitol dome. (AP Photo) #

    • Sharon Agregaard

      Author of Lincoln mystery letter identified - Yahoo News Seven score and 10 years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address, widely considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. But even today, there are still a few points about the speech that are misunderstood.

    • Teresa Craddock
      • 2 years ago

      "But no organic law can ever be framed with a provision specifically applicable to every question which may occur in practical administration. No foresight can anticipate, nor any document of reasonable length contain express provisions for all possible questions. Shall fugitives from labor be surrendered by national or by State authority? The Constitution does not expressly say. May Congress prohibit slavery in the territories? The Constitution does not expressly say. Must Congress protect slavery in the territories? The Constitution does not expressly say". Think about it...these are the words of President Lincoln...I think President Obama's "We the people" sounds a little familiar?...

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    "If any personal description of me is thought desirable, it may be said, I am, in height, six feet, four inches, nearly; lean in flesh, weighing, on an average, one hundred and eighty pounds; dark complexion, with coarse black hair, and grey eyes -- no other marks or brands recollected."

    5. Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States of America.  ebaumsworld Accounts of Abraham Lincoln's last photograph are varied. This picture was taken before his assassination in 1865 and was found in General Ulysses S. Grant's photo album.

    President Lincoln never knew the hidden message he carried with him every day.

    12108728_987900637915859_1069550986472486414_n.jpg (360×446) May our children and our children’s children to a thousand generations, continue to enjoy the benefits conferred upon us by a united country, and have cause yet to rejoice under those glorious institutions bequeathed us by Washington and his compeers. Speech at Frederick, Maryland, October 4, 1862

    12105858_987892337916689_3586981166985466336_n.jpg (960×552) Lincoln’s Last Ax President Lincoln shook the hand of every wounded soldier while visiting the Union field hospital at City Point, Virginia, with General Grant in April 1865. He then picked up this ax and chopped firewood. To show that at fifty-six he remained as strong as an Illinois rail splitter, he slowly lifted the 7 lb ax at arm’s length without a quiver. On display at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL

    12079579_988130721226184_7315201575279716299_n.jpg (659×900) "Little by little, but steadily as man's march to the grave, we have been giving up the OLD for the NEW faith. Near eighty years ago we began by declaring that all men are created equal; but now from that beginning we have run down to the other declaration, that for SOME men to enslave OTHERS is a “sacred right of self-government.” These principles can not stand together. They are as opposite as God and mammon; and whoever holds to

    12046679_986176968088226_294140403558125845_n.jpg (565×720) Beautiful colorization by artist Dana R. Keller

    12063334_985150751524181_239574712605735075_n.jpg (567×720) "If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how - the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end.

    12003139_981475741891682_7258777069507207238_n.jpg (657×734) "Let none faulter who thinks he is right, and we may succeed." Artist: William Camm

    Progressive Friends

    12002035_983126458393277_603799334677319416_n.jpg (372×500) "It was that which gave promise that in due time the weights should be lifted from the shoulders of all men, and that all should have an equal chance. This is the sentiment embodied in that Declaration of Independence. Now, my friends, can this country be saved upon that basis?

    Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd wed in her sister's home (Edward's House) in Springfield, Illinois . . . . . Christopher Bing illustrator

    [Abraham Lincoln]

    Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln - Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Pictures - Washington, DC

    12002141_981474401891816_6195895731045058810_n.jpg (660×734) "We have, as all will agree, a free Government, where every man has a right to be equal with every other man. In this great struggle, this form of Government and every form of human right is endangered if our enemies succeed. There is more involved in this contest than is realized by every one.

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    One of the most important maps of the Civil War was also one of the most visually striking: a map of the slaveholding states, which clearly illustrates the varying concentrations of slaves across the South. Abraham Lincoln loved the map and consulted it often; it even appears in a famous 1864 painting of the president and his cabinet.

    11990680_979095545463035_42329209121123994_n.jpg (592×960) Abraham Lincoln Statue Springfield, Illinois "Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people? Is there any better or equal hope in the world?" Lincoln 1861 on the base of monument.