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    Susan Sto-Helit, in "The Hogfather" - I plan to be the librarian version. Weapons of choice to be decided.

    Moist Von Lipwig and Adora Belle Dearheart. The rarely seen Terry Pratchett cosplay is to be applauded

    Susan Speedpaint by *JuneJenssen on deviantART

    Death Papercut Greetings Card


    VIMES by questionstar on DeviantArt questionstar.devi...

    Sam Vimes by ~Merlkir on deviantART. Rapidly becoming my favourite Discworld character...Sybil Ramkin is a very lucky woman.

    The many versions of Pride and Prejudice’s characters over the years. Why is Caroline first?

    Death of Rats from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series

    Check Mort by Paul Kidby

    DEATH with his kitteh. #Discworld

    100 Amazing Books to Read in a Lifetime- Great resource for book clubs or your own book shelf.

    Paul Kidby/ Death and his horse Binky

    discworld suggested reading order. world on elephants on a turtle!

    Paul Kidby/ The Wee Free Men

    Death and Rincewind bookends i want to get ALL the terry pratchett books

    Susan Death of Discworld by vidagr on deviantart - pretty cool :D

    Lord Vetinari! Supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork! Cool, calculated, and always in control. You graduated from the assassins guild, but failed a course on stealth and camouflage, because the professor never saw you there (even though you attended every class). You always seem to know what everyone is thinking, and after a conversation with you, people feel that they have just escaped certain death. 'Can't argue with the truth, sir.'- Vimes 'In my experience, Vimes, you can argue with anything.'

    Quote by Terry Pratchett, Artist Paul Kidby

    Carrot and Angua by ~myszowor fan art. Diskworld. Terry pratchett.