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  • Vanessa Solis

    Liquid Sidewalk Chalk: Water, corn starch, food coloring, PLUS 25 DIY Summer Activities For Kids #crafts #ideas

  • Joy Malone

    Sidewalk paint - 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, and food coloring. This is a great blog with great ideas for kids!

  • Jennifer Navales

    Sidewalk paint (aka liquid sidewalk chalk): 1 cup water & 1 cup cornstarch.. then add Wilton Food Coloring Gel for bright colors

  • Amanda Zacharias

    DIY liquid sidewalk chalk. Mix 1 cup water, 1 cup cornstarch.. Pour it into muffin tins or small cups. Add food coloring to make colors you like.

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Sidewalk Paint - 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, food coloring. Let's be honest, this is not for kids, it's for me.

liquid sidewalk chalk: water, food coloring, and corn starch. great for kids!!!

I totally doing this because my kids go through Crayola paint like crazy in the warm months.

Sidewalk paint-1 part cornstarch (1 c.) 1 part water (1 c.) food coloring (we used neon colors) sponge brushes

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk, Clara saw this & said, "Mom, click that one!" Guess it will have to be repinned. Great idea. We go thru a LOT of sidewalk chalk around here....

Sidewalk Chalk Art--Super easy activity. Crush up chalk sticks, mix with a little water, and use paintbrushes for big solid strokes. The ultimate summer activity!

Homemade sidewalk paint. Super simple recipe, and so fun to paint with! (happy hooligans)

DIY sidewalk paint using cornstarch and food coloring

List of preschool art activities/supplies. (It's about the process, not the product.)