Puppy pugs, I ADORE these little nuggets


Little pug

Pug puppies are too cute. #WeLoveDogs #WeLovePugs @AnimalBehaviorC


i love pugs!


Pug luv is one of the best kinds of love. Pugs give us laughs and loyalty in the form of scrunched up faces and short, curly tails that never seem to stop wagging. A pug’s love comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. With their multitudes of elastic layers, bugged out eyes and energetic personalities, a pug’s presence lights up any setting. The Mountain celebrates these marvelous creatures with a bright and colorful collection of dog T-Shirts that includes our Pug Luv design—a portrait of ...

pug pug pug pug

breadloaf pug


Oh em gee...


A different meaning to cuddle bug

Pug love.


pugs, pugs, pugs...they reign!

Nothing beats a lil bug eyed pug face.


pug pug pug