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Japanese pilot. The Japanese were known as very ferocious, brutal and ruthless military fighters.

Stories like this need to be told more often. Found on Shorpy among the comments below photo at Entitled "Other side of the story.". Widens our view of the bombing of Pearl Harbor from the pilots' experience. The pilots had no idea they were performing a sneak attack until afterward, and even then, if any of them had a problem with it, they were given veiled threats. Very interesting. I'm not surprised. Our history books never give us the total 'real' facts.

Two couples fading by [ henning ], via Flickr Think how great this could be if each had a QR code linked to their own eulogy videos!

Eugene Jacques Bullard (1919) The first African-American combat pilot, was one of 200 Americans who flew for France in World War I.

JOJO POST STAR GATES: Persian, Iranian grave markers

Huey Helicopter Landing In Vietnam...honoring my hubby who was a door gunner for two tours in Vietnam.

July 15, 1941: Luftwaffe ace Werner Mölders shoots down two Soviet aircraft, raising his victory total to 101. He becomes the first pilot to claim 100 victories.

Shirley Slade, pilot trainee in Women's Flying Training Detachment, she sits on wing of her Army trainer at Avenger Field, July 1943. #vintage #1940s #women

Sgt Hajime Toyoshima, the first Japanese POW. He was the pilot of Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero from the Japanese imperial navy aircraft carrier Hiryu, who participated in the first air raid on Darwin. During the raid his plane was damaged and he made a crash landing on Melville Island. He was disarmed and captured by aborigines who then took him to Bathurst Island and handed him over to Sgt Leslie J Powell (right), 23 Field Company, Royal Australian Engineers.