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Run the pasture down the side of the house so the horses can pop their heads into the kitchen for a scratch & a snack?

To all the horse crazy little girls who never grew out of the "horse phase."

Yup that's what I want in life but number one would be a great relationship with God for the rest of my life💙

Horses ❤

How To Build A Great Relationship With Your Horse

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My favourite smell is manure, hay, grain, dust and saddle soap. My friends who live in town's favourite smell is money and perfume. I'm happy with the old barn smell!

True, but I show cows instead of riding horses.

BEWARE: I ride horses which means I own pitchforks, have the strength to haul hay, and have the guts to scream at a half-ton animal after being kicked. You will not be a problem! Funny but so true?

It's All About Priorities!

My life motto. It drives my family and friends crazy :)

Ready for a spring clean up? 10 DIY Tips for Organizing the Barn (Part 1) - Savvy Horsewoman

Savvy Horsewoman: 10 DIY Tips - Organizing the Barn- overhead drying rack for pads, blankets etc.- and making a rolling saddle holder with milk crate from a luggage roller(I think). I love number 9

it's just so true, it's sanctuary from everything wrong in the world. A place where finally, things are gentle and kind, and make sense.

"A barn is a sanctuary in a unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses — its about love, life, and learning." I love this quote from Lauren Davis Barker. so true


oh hai! said the horse with his head stuck through the pet door into the house.

You changed my life when you gave me my first pony, Penny, for my eighth Birthday

Oh my goodness, a tea party with a pony! Little girl in beautiful green dress sharing her cake with a cute little paint colored pony with a cute busy mane! That pony is really liking the cake!

Mama  e  filhote.

Norwegian fjord mare and foal. These are like the horses in the movie "Frozen".