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  • Rachel

    Had to laugh at this shirt! Lol my life story

  • The Cats Meow

    except i has both and stores dont take the hourglass figure into consideration, not everyone who has big tits and a big booties have a big middle. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS INSANITY I JUST WANT CLOTHES THAT ARE MADE FOR ME. )(

  • Eryn Gronewoller

    Haha this is soo my style

  • I'm A LILLY

    Story of my life :) #morris #love morris #thing shirt

  • Phoebe Crumpton

    So funny!!! Haha I need this shirt!

  • Brittany Griepentrog

    Who needs big tits? When you have an ass like this. This made me laugh :)

  • Jacqueline Stills

    Who needs big tits? When you have an ass like this... this model doesnt do this shirt justice

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that would be so funny....I think I'll do this to my in-laws. And hopefully my kids one day....

I said this to Pat the other night and his response was "I'm pretty sure you didn't actually find that funny..."

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Silence is Golden, except when coming from children. Then you'd better go check to see what's broken.

Super slick twist on a modern bootie.

Guess we could all wear this... I think it would be cute to have a shirt with Kleenex on it that says, "I have tissues." Lol

It's a good thing I already look like this and don't need the shirt.