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      Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) 2nd Grade Vocabulary by Trina Dralus at $

    • Deena Grass

      Explicit vocabulary instruction is essential! This is especially important when children struggle in the area of reading. Help your students master the ELA vocabulary terms from the Common Core Standards. This 136 page printable packet contains a printable word wall color coded by area of study and visuals to help early readers, flip books that help students review key vocabulary, and printable flashcards/personal word wall words. ($8.00)#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

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    Students can use the models and the QR Codes to check their own work after multiplying and dividing fractions by fractions and by whole numbers.

    Tons of math concept review in each of the 12 games, and your students will beg to play!!

    Kids love Bingo! So, what better way is there to review our 8 parts of speech?

    24 Antonym Cards 24 Modified Antonym Cards 24 Synonym Cards 24 Modified Synonym Cards All are self-checking w/ QR Codes!

    Put away the worksheets and let your students enjoy their practice - Adding and Subtracting numbers to the millions place!

    Looking for fun ways to practice interjections? This FREE Interjections Games packet contains 3 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice identifying and using interjections.

    Your students will love practicing reading these clocks and checking their work with a QR reader!

    Grab these free place value mats and game cards at!  Plus, learn how to play a fun and easy place value game to use with them.

    Common Core Writing Curriculum. How would you love to NEVER plan a day of writing again?! This bundle includes lesson plans for every day of the school year (December is a little different because I know most people already have holiday themes/plans) from September to May.

    Fall into savings with this bundle pack that contains our Signs of the Fall Season PowerPoint presentation plus coordinating emergent readers plus templates for student-made books plus word wall cards plus printable pages for checking students' comprehension. www.teacherspayte...

    Looking for fun ways to practice interjections? This FREE Interjections Games packet contains 3 fun and engaging printable board games to help students to practice identifying and using interjections.

    Great review of our 50 United States! Students can use task cards as independent practice w/ QR Codes or complete the answer sheet as a quiz!

    Students will love reviewing their synonyms and antonyms while playing football with their classmates!

    Harvest Hayride Subtraction Math Centers (Sums of 0 to 10) $ #hayride #harvest #fall #subtraction www.teacherspayte...

    4 Editing Games your whole class will love!!

    Great for independent review, small group instruction, and can even be used as a quiz! All are great ways to review Estimation!

    4 fall literacy and math centers for primary classrooms that your students will be NUTS about! CCSS aligned. $ #CCSS #literacycenters #mathcenters #fall #BarbEvans #itsabouttimeteachers

    Numerals to 20 ARRRRGH fun with these activities. $ #parrots #pirates #piratemath #kampkindergarten #TalkLikeAPirateDay www.teacherspayte...

    36 Task Cards - 18 GCF, 18 LCM. Separate or combine them for great, fun review activities of Greatest Common Factors and Lowest Common Multiples! $

    Place Value Worksheets - This Place Value product contains 25 place value worksheets . These Place Value worksheets are designed to help students identify the numbers in HUNDREDS, TENS, and ONES place - 25 worksheets with 9 different types of activities.Types of activities included:*Place value -Use the clues to color the number*Place value - Cut and paste to match it up*Place value - Write the standard and the expanded form of the number*Place value - Write each missing number*Place value -...

    This is a comprehensive lesson for fixing vague pronouns. Included in this 2 day lesson is: a PowerPoint, (EATS) lesson plan and 3 worksheets. Complete with essential question, vocabulary, teaching strategies, and an exit ticket, students learn 3 strategies to correct vague pronouns.

    Let your students use their mobile devices to check their own answers with the QR Codes, or have them complete the answer sheet for a grade. Or do both - practice then Quiz!!

    Great introduction, review, or quiz ppt. on complete and incomplete sentences!