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    • Amalia Ruth

      I took the risk..but it did not end on a happy note..but that's life.. regardless of the hurt, I still plan to take the risk again if I meet someone who is worth it.

    • ♏TrU*ScOrPiO♏

      Yes...when it comes to my relationship and or marriage to the luv of my life..My husband! Yes it is worth it. Cuz if we wudnt go through all them emotions and still managed to be together. Then how do you know? Its ok to feel these emotions i a relationship. The question is..are you two capable of getting past all them emotions together.?

    • Elisabeth TenBrink Kelley

      No. Simply, no. We have control over our feelings. We can control if we fall in love. What do you think nuns did? I'm an aromantic, and let me tell you, that doesn't mean something's chemically wrong with me that means I'm not attracted to guys, it means I'm attracted, and I say no. As for if they were worth it, that's another question each girl has to answer each time.

    • Glenn De Hollander

      "Feelings are things that you have no control over. So, you can't control who you fall for. When you fall for someone, you feel every single emotion. You feel total happiness, sadness, excitement, disappointment, love, hate, heartbreak and so much more. When you fall in love, you have to ask yourself "is this person worth it?" Worth all the emotion. Worth the risk of heartbreak. Worth everything." -Drake

    • Kelly D

      Image detail for -Your Ecards Drake Quotes | Cute Quotes quote, feelings, control, fall ...

    • Gina Morgan

      so true as there is def somone I shouldn't have feelings toward but do

    • Alyson Crowley

      Drake <3 am I worth it? You are I love you

    • Alyssa Akagi

      Drake Quote - Adore his truthfulness

    • Shelby Frasl

      Drake knows his stuff.

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    I love this quote. Leadership comes with so many various attributes. It's about rising above and beyond the standard or the norm. Awareness of the world around you, understanding, an open well cultured and developed mind, curiosity, truth, wisdom, kindness, firmness, fairness....the list goes on for ages. Where as most people are followers and have no prominent character traits to show at all.

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    trust issues.

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    It is what it is....friendships/relationships are a 2-way street, and they're no fun if one person is doing all the work! I've cut many off in my day, including family members! Sorry, your loss not mine.

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