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♥ Bible Verses ♥ Matthew (New Living Translation) ♥ Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? Of course not. I choose to put all my trust in God.

For my daughter's room. This is lovely.

Poem: I am a daughter of royal birth. My father is King of heaven and earth; My spirit was born in the courts on high; a child beloved, a Princess - by Anna > something for my daughters

Greatest Quotes Of All Time

Nashville girl in Uganda-- foster mom of An she's Amazing girl, she over romanticizes everything in her book, but she is gifted and is doing amazing work. Her book: Kisses From Katie tells her inpiring story.one of the best books you'll ever read.

Yes, I do take the Jesus thing EXTREMELY serious!!  I can't think of any other person who shed His blood for my salvation.    Who else????  Who???  There is little required of us compared to the Much that was required of Him!!

Everybody thinks I’m crazy. They say, “You take the Jesus thing too seriously.” Well I don’t know, but Christ took me pretty seriously when He died for me on the Cross.

Godly Parents

It's not a parent's responsibility to have Godly children. It's a parent's responsibility to make sure their Children have Godly parents. Something to live by!