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Go to South Africa,specifically the area called the ring of death and just watch great white sharks jump out of the water. Not get in the water but just see them jump like Shamu.

Great White Shark...WOW!! I don't know whether this is simply amazing awesome or if I should be terrified...haha one thing for sure is I wouldn't want to see that if I was in near proximity of it, unless it was a pretty big boat I was in idk but it is magnificent creature of creation! I

Movie posters re-imagined with Lego: Jaws jaws! surprisingly enough spielberg used the dolly zoom effect in his shark movie too, and it's score was composed by john williams, famous film composer who got his first oscar for...

I'd give my left lung to cage dive...although I would probably die of fright at the same time.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible. ~ #ArthurCClark #sharks

Un Grande Squalo Bianco a caccia... #greatwhite #shark

JAWS Limited Edition Movie Print Shark Week by MonsterGallery, $8.00

Shark Attack Infographic. Lots of info, little space. Awesome layout.

worst case scenario when falling from a great height.