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    • Taylor Blain

      "Once upon a time, there was a Princess..." A fairy tale I could get behind! This is so me it's not even funny! Hahaha

    • Denise Baldacci

      not always true but funny. (Once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess: will you marry me? The princess said NO, and the princess lived happily ever after.)

    • Sherry

      Once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess "will you marry me?" The princess said "No" and lived happily ever after

    • Taylor Ramsey

      And the princess lived happily ever after! I'm constantly going back and forth if I like being single or not. In my life now I believe it's the best option for me. So many things to do for myself!!! (:

    • Ella Osborn

      We’re really feeling this graphic fairytale about what might happen if the princess actually said no to the prince. Because happily ever after doesn’t always have to end with Prince Charming… not everyone needs a prince

    • Unicorn Mack

      " ....and the princess lived happily ever after. " Life it better shared, with friends, family, and loves, but I like the idea that happiness doesn't depend on finding a partner.

    • Hillary Poling

      Once upon a time the princess said YES, she still got to hook up with a hot guy all the time, she TRAVELED and LEARNED AWESOME THINGS and rocked out at the concerts and had a best friend to share it all with, and together they made twice as much money and made all of their dreams bigger and bolder and there was no more cheating or brokeness because that is what love does to your life, it ignites you and proves there is no limit, there is no end and there is no way you would be better off alone.

    • Markos CH

      Funny quotes , the princess said no !! Hahahaha

    • Amanda Hart

      A new princess fairytale... Too funny.

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