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Laminate a hand and use a overhead marker to write a sight or vocabulary word on it. Students have to say the "secret passcode" when coming in and leaving the room!

Create the word wall around the classroom. It is an engaging way to get the students involved in learning a new word each day because they get to add a piece to the word wall and make the caterpillar grow. The answer to my insufficient wall space!! Love it )

Fun and AWESOME sight Word Games-Conversations in Literacy: Sight Word Games for Active Learners

This would make a great, reflective bulletin board!

Don't Break the Ice game with sight words

from Teachers Pay Teachers


SHOO FLY is a game similar to "Go Fish" but with a fun twist! There are "SHOO" cards in each deck which make the game more exciting! ALL 220 DOLCH SIGHT WORDS are included in five different decks of cards. Each deck has its own color fly and fly swatter, so you can easily differentiate the level of words being used. Mix and match sets based on your students' needs. Five extension activities are also included! $6

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

Time for Sight Words....Watches! Kids can have fun wearing their sight word watches and learn a new sight word! SUPER FUN!

One student reads a word while two other students race to try to smack the bug with the corresponding word. Could do with math problems as well.