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Matsourev is highly talented bilgarian artist. A real virtuoso in water-colour painting!

Evocative digital art/photography #camp4pix submission by @adis.ap from Bali. It's often hard to tell what is 'real' these days on social feeds. Although we often hold pure moments of photojournalism on a pedal-stool is not to say there is not a place in our heart for the emotion created by highly talented graphic artists. It's a practice we also take part in constantly to produce commercial photography/video along with all our other work. Even just with phone apps it's remarkable the…

#artist Andres Parada - Working on my environment design skills. High res and some WIP: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RJVGA #art #freelance_talents

@Slasher.Does.Art is a highly talented 13-year-old with an incredibly animated imagination. so Awesome@ #ihascupquake

We would like to introduce to you another of our New Jersey and Upstate faculty members Mr. Alessandro Simoné. Mr. Simoné received his first training in piano performance and music theory at Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts. At Stuyvesant High School, which his experience as a Mark Twain Intermediate School science talent student inspired him to apply to, he accompanied the school chorus until his graduation in 2000.

LA Art Agency was founded by the artist Tomer Peretz. Tomer always had a dream to combine many art subjects in one big site that can reach all kinds of people. Tomer has spent many years on research for the best artists who can be part of the agency. The agency employs highly talented artists, some of which work on projects all over the world, and have art work in different museums around the world.

With your custom, hand-made Unity Sculpture, you get to collaborate with our highly talented glass artists to create a unique, personal work of art which beautifully symbolizes and celebrates your most important day...

@vans sent me a pair of blank shoes to decorate in support of #VansCustomCulture, a program that gives high school kids a chance to win $50K for their school's art department by flexing their creative talents | The LV Guide

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