50 Things

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I got most of it...

These are pretty good:)

Some of these are sooo good :)

date ideas for those nights we don't know what to do ... or y'know, things I would do with my best friends next time one of us proclaims, "Whadda you wanna do?"


Interesting :0

Did you know

Read... READ!!!

100 mind blowing facts you don`t know about our world. PART I / 1 pretty sure the celery thing isn't true though

Holy cow

eating chocolate before a taking a test - food facts WTF FUN FACTS HOME / MORE FOOD FACTS ARE COMING HERE

Can you read this

The more you know...

I know where Lyric is going to school! Don't worry Trey, I'm paying. Countries with free education - WTF fun facts

random fact

Mind blowing coincidences

21 Interesting Facts That You Dont Need to Know But are Cool Anyway | FB TroublemakersFB Troublemakers

KELLY LONG!!!!!!!!