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1880s Victorian Etruscan Revival Bracelet, 14K Gold from eerie basin

Antique 18k Victorian Snake Ring with Diamonds and Rubies

Two Victorian rings going into the online store later.  Both have a much larger than average scale.

The coolest little Victorian diamond ring.  In the online shop now.

Detail of English Victorian Wing Necklace.  This section removes from the rest of the necklace and converts to an brooch with a clever mechanism that hooks onto the back. All totally original, and probably not out of its box more than a couple times in the last 130 years.

1890s Victorian ~0.50ct Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, 14K

WOW!!! I have almost the exact same ring! It belonged to my great aunt. Circa 1860. mine is a little smaller, and the diamond is only a chip, but almost exactly the same! Rose gold LADIES lion ring.

1870-80s English Victorian Fly Earrings, 18K Gold, from Erie Basin. These are so cool, but also so expensive! I will just have to be content with my vintage brass fly matchbox!

I've had a really long day................... Having a children's party isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe it's for Moms only..........I'm knackered.

Antique French Turquoise Snake Bracelet Whoa, gorgeous. This would be super cool to recreate as a necklace!

Steampunk Bustle Gothic Victorian Skirt & Long Governess Skirt Pirate CARNIVALE QUEEN Victorian Decadence by Lovechild Boudoir