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Smartphone Coupons Are Going Mainstream, Driving Dollars And Foot Traffic To Bricks-And-Mortar Retailers

As mobile commerce increases, so does the need for mobile coupons. U.S. smartphone users using mobile coupons has increased dramatically – from million in 2010 to and by that number is expected to surge to million.

CHART OF THE DAY: How Consumers Use Their Phones To Shop

Not a good sign for retailers that biggest use of mobile phones for shopping is to avoid overpaying in a shop, and shopping elsewhere.

CHART OF THE DAY: Yelp's Difficult Path To Profitability

CHART OF THE DAY: Redbox, Not Netflix, Is The Nation's Largest DVD-Renter

CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook Now Controls Nearly One-Fifth Of U.S. Mobile Display Ad Revenue

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CHART OF THE DAY: This Is How Most App Makers Are Making Money

93 percent of the top 100 grossing iPhone apps use in-app commerce. Of those 100 grossing apps, two-thirds are free. Read more: chart of the day, in-app purchasing is driving mobile app revenue, aug 2012

BII REPORT: The Race To Be The Third Mobile Platform

BII REPORT: The Race To Be The Third Mobile Platform Read more: