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  • Brianna Bedell

    Penny keychain with pennies ...add significant dates - when you met, when you married, kids birthdays etc.

  • Elizabeth Reeves

    Penny keychain with pennies from the years you were both born, year you started dating and the year you were married. add kids birth years too. cute idea!

  • Billie Jean LaBombard

    Penny keychain with pennies from the years my husband and I were born, year we started dating and the year we were married. Also add the years our kids are born.

  • Lindsay Adams Foddrill

    At first i was like, what is this? But its def a cute idea, could make it like a charm bracelet too! {Penny keychain with pennies from the years Coty and I were born, year we started dating and the year we were married. I'll add the years our kids are born when we get there :)}

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Clothes pin craft. Could be cute idea for you guys to use at xmas @Megan Oates @Stephanie Heil @Ashley Grinchis. Hang up twine then use these decorated as reindeer, santa, gifts, or trees to hang stockings.

Penny - next up, learn how to make a domed penny!!

Penny Wreath Christmas Holiday Ornament-could use pennies made in the year of special events, wedding, birth,etc

Make every day lucky with this penny necklace. Brass chain measures 18" with a gold finish. Custom orders available for additional years. Please e-mail for inquiries.

Make a Lucky Keychain (use a penny to highlight your anniversary or the years your kids were born) - More Like Home

:) "The morning of my wedding i was handed this. It was a gift from my (at the time fiancé). 4 dirty old pennies on a keyring. Each one had a significant date. 1988 for the year he was born. 1990 for the year i was born. 2010 for the year we met and became a couple. 2012 for the year we got married. I got so teary eyed when i realized the significance of this. I tied it into my bouquet and walked down the aisle with them close to me.He put these together for me and they are now my lucky charms.

would be cute with other items besides pennies.

Use pennies from certain years to create easy and inexpensive meaningful art. Use your birth years, marriage year, child birthdays, etc

DIY Glow-in-the-dark Slime!! I think I'm going to put some of this in the Easter baskets this year. :)

How cool would it be if you were able to make this DIY Lucky Penny Charm using a penny you'd somehow found minted for the year of your marriage?

Cute idea for graduation- stamp "Class Of" on this years penny and string on necklace for grad. #yearofcelebrations