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National poll finds accredited marine parks, aquariums and zoos best places for children to learn about, connect with marine mammals.

Pacific Harbor Seal pup at Marine Mammal Rescue, where orphaned and injured marine mammals are rehabbed and released.

Captivity for marine mammals – what do you think? | Tree Hugging with Kids

Wisdom, Folly The Coyote teaches you how wisdom and folly go hand-in-hand. In the folly of others, we see our own foolishness and we learn from their mistakes. Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust. It stimulates and renews innocence and reawakens a childlike wisdom in the world. A Coyote's howl touches your soul, reminding us of our primal connections. Coyote people are very adaptive to new situations and have close-knit families, especially when children are involved.

Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals, part of the family of "toothed whales" which includes orcas & pilot whales


Tikal. Baby Jaguar Gets a Name at the San Diego Zoo.

Sea anemone

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Javaanse langoer, Mutslangoer (Trachypithecus auratus auratus) by Truus & Zoo on Flickr.

Baby gorilla

~~Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) by Andy Silver~~


Sea Coral viaLoveology

Henry Horenstein. Hippo

Humpback whales - mother and calf

Polar bears

Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus), a large marine mammal with a discontinuous distribution about the North Pole in the Arctic #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

Beautiful shot of dolphins "hanging around"

Happy Manatee