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wooden watch, I've got this wierd pet peve of touching raw wood. This picture made me cringe something awful. gorgeous, but I can barely stand looking at it.

This wooden watch is gorgeous. Wouldn't it be cool if they made watches from beautiful, different-colored, reclaimed woods?!

I don't always wear watches, but when I do, they're made of wood.

Great for my conscience . « When you get your WEWOOD Timepiece, you can feel confident you’re making a difference. One Timepiece plants one tree, and together we help to ensure the health and survival of the natural world.»

Will never forget the Anniversary that Lee and I both bought each other a wood watch!!! That is meant to be!!

For my husband. A wood watch. So cool.

We need more contemporary styled lighting made with wood! Look at that soft glow - it's beautiful.

Puesta de Sol Recycled Colombian Wood Bracelet-Extra Large Width-Red