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  • Muse

    This needs to go up in my office at work. #truths

  • Kristin Lynch

    Amen. This is my husband's favorite quote at work....

  • Carrie Taylor

    A friend of mine said this when I use to work with him and it's ABSOLUTELY HANDS DOWN so true! This quote defines my life at work....

  • Caylee Banta

    Yep! This is my work motto! Amen!

  • Alison Goodgame

    All Time Best Inspirational Quotes and Images #get inspired #get motivated #start now #life hack - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

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Ladies Love Cool James by Lee Crutchley | Quoteskine, via Flickr

It's not always about being zen, sometimes it is just about getting things done and not feeling sorry for yourself. know that's right! @anna.. You know it, 1st thing I do when I get home from work..ahhh, love them comfy clothes!

Never let your #hustle stop, never forget you're not there yet.

I love this because I just enjoy being around certain people. I don't have to be interacting with them, just be in their presence. And when they're gone, oh how I miss them.

Laughter Is Good For the Soul - cannot say this LOUD enough. Laughter mends.

Wise words. I need to start enjoying life again rather than just letting each day pass on by, and laugh a little bit each day.

I'm not sure why I laughed so hard at this: If you're confident enough, every zoo is a petting zoo.

haha yeah i'd like to think so