Photo Checklist For Christmas.

Christmas photo list

Holiday photo checklist

12 Prayers of Christmas. I love this. I am totally doing it this year.

100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards - Harvard Homemaker

Christmas card idea

A wrapped empty box (left open) for Christmas morning trash (or birthday party, or shower ~ a little nicer looking than a trash bag!!(especially in photos)


cute picture ideas

December CY365 Photo Challenge List

Think Sonika is too old to participate in this???

December Photo a day Challenge. As if I'm going to remember to do it, but the idea seems fun! #instagram


Christmas Photo Challenge

Christmas photo idea

photo ideas

Christmas pictures

Christmas photo shoot props (for a photo booth idea)

Cute Christmas Traditions

Light Em Up 100 Ideas for service and generosity at Christmas. I've seen a lot of lists, and this one is the best I've seen for families and tight budgets. Love it!

DIY Christmas