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chasingrainbowsforever: Door Details ~ Manresa, Spain

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16 Splendidly Intricate Hand Carved Doors That You MUST SEE

Odd shape...but cool

Do you know, in Irish folklore, it is thought that painting one's door in red keeps away bad luck and wards off ghosts and evil spirits? :) I've always loved the idea of a red door, but with my Irish roots, this makes it even more charming :)

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A former plantation in Xalapa is slowly undergoing restoration and beginning a new life as an art center and artist workshops. Photographer: MarieMcC of Road to Veracruz. This doorway is in Xalapa, state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Doorknobs and drawer pulls are like jewelry for your home. Antique doorknobs like this one are both beautiful and timeless

Door knobs are a great way to personalize your entry way to display your own unique sense of style. This weathered, vintage door knob would be a perfect match for a old world style or antique wood door.