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    Make it TSO!

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    • Karen M

      What Captain Picard Always Orders at Chinese Restaurants :) (Ok, I love Star Trek and General Tso's, I couldn't resist pinning this ;)

    • Megan T

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining Riker's facepalm takes this from funny to brilliant.

    • Jennifer Nash

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining Too funny...see Riker doing the face plant...

    • Amanda Andrew

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining love Commander Rikers face-palm!

    • T L

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining. I hats puns but riker's face!!

    • Stacie Holder

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining I love the facepalm

    • Melissa Armstrong

      Make It Tso - Fine Chinese Dining - Star Trek: TNG

    • Ivan Lee

      Chinese food on the final frontier.

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