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    • Couch Potato Collection

      Micro Teacup Pigs Teacups piglets micro piglets

    • MargiVanZyl ARTIST

      Teacup Pigs #piglet #animal #Kingdom #farm #piglets #Pigs #pig #four #legged #animal #pets #adorable #playful #noisy #dirty #mud #loving #various #species #white #pink #black #Spotted #fast #running #special #miniature Piglets #adorable

    • Alice Freehafer

      baby pigs are just so cute, well most baby animals are cute i guess lol

    • Mandy Luzaich

      My next pet is gonna be a teacup Piggie

    • Suzi Holler

      "Micro-Piglet Hugs a Strawberry." I am dying here!!! (Click through for info on the breed, miniature pigs, around 8 oz. when born.) [Real piglet: "They have been referred to in the media as mini pigs, micro pigs, pygmy pigs and after a famous photograph by Richard Austin {this one} was in the national newspapers they have even been called teacup pigs."; fake strawberry.]

    • Lori Giallongo

      teacup pig! That is the cutest little pig

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