Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas RADIOACTIVE! RADIUMACTIVE! RADIUMACTIVE! Cooooool Ted! You're so f'ing cool for changing the lyrics to that annoying song (that's now stuck in your head) to fit the name of this beautiful 1940s Omega w/radium hands, radium dial, and black over-sized face. SO F'ING COOL TED!

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme - Maurice Lacroix developed a proprietary alloy called PowerLite, composed of five elements — aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, and ceramics — and specially engineered to provide for a wide palette of color treatments. PowerLite reacts much better than other aluminum alloys to anodizing, the surface color treatment used in vehicles, aircraft and architecture, and weighs half as much as steel but is twice as hard.

RumbaTime Perry Go Watch | So a watch can tell time. But can it pay for your snacks ? This watch ($50) can. Looking stylish with a 42mm case, stainless steel back, and luminescent hands, the Perry Go comes with a unique 8-digit VITAnumber that you can use to establish a contactless payment account. Once setup, you'll receive a VISA Contactless Payment Card that slips into the designated silicone sleeve on the nylon band, lets you buy everything from gas to beer with a wave of the wrist.