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I need something like this for getting ready in the morning! I don't care that it says "mens" valet. What, women don't wear suits???

Bambu Cross Pet Hammock Color: Berry Blue Pet Lounge Studios

The spirit Catcher -Glowing Steampunk Corset Belt Any size 24" to 38" waist fast Shipping

Via Etsy. Beautiful steampunk corset. If I'm mimicking a hawk or falcon, what's more aggressive than a leather corset, no? This (or something similar) would be the front, would have the back lace up, so I could hide the harness for the wings underneath.

Nuclear Glow In The Dark Soap

Soap's a great gift. Everybody uses soap, and since it's a consumable, everybody will eventually need more. (Except for those extreme coupon people.) And when there's an option for geeky and cute soaps, who can resist?

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