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"Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef." #bucketlist - The idea of suba diving scares me a bit, but if I were to do it I'm sure it would be goregous there. At the very least I'd like to snorkle there.

scuba dive. Even though being a bit claustrophobic might make this difficult. But would love to try it!

I have always wanted to swim near a shark. I just don't want to end up on the menu :)

GO SCUBA DIVING! :) preferably somewhere tropical/with fancy coral & fish !

Bucket List: see water like this, before I'm 30.

Yep! Imma do it while the sun is setting in Jamaica at Rick's Cafe

I'm not sure if I could without Larry, but maybe in his memory I would gain the strength to do this.

Before I Die. This is the one thing that I HAVE to do before I die

Scuba dive in the great barrier reef. media-cache0.pint... hpotter2 bucket list

Palau... I want to go here to be where my grandfather was wounded in WWII saving this island

Actually reminds me of a tree we planted at the beach....except it was dead...and then my dad found a few dead eels and fish and strung them up was actually pretty cool but not half as beautiful as this haha:) Sunrise in Key West.