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"Here's a crappy beer honey, but you better not take too long to enjoy it because that chair won't paint itself and you still have my dinner to cook!"

Pinner says: Matching pink gloves and hat plus Toblerone, how could I not love this great 1950s ad?

Vintage's Frenches Spices and Extracts ad from 1951. #vintage #food #1950s #ads

1950 Illustrated Beverage Ad, Canada Dry Water Club Soda by classic_film, via Flickr

This ad. I cannot even find the words. I think this one ad has perfectly encapsulated everything we find hilarious about 1950s advertising. These kids are just so wholesome and... well, swell. There they are with their soda-pop they're sharing, looking into each others eyes while eating weiners. And the slogan. Just plain funny. This ad wins.

"It's here! GROOMIX, the new miracle grooming agent!" 1950's, Funny Vintage Hair Advertising.

Vintage Ad #949: Come On, Come On, Get Floor Happy by jbcurio, via Flickr

"I see alcoholism in your future, sir" Budweiser ad from the 1950's

See the woman on the album cover? She appears in this same ad. I assume this ad was used in magazines targeting the african-american community.