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Baby Hedgehogs


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  • Ann Brookens

    baby hedgies! (...I'm actually less a fan of these little guys...)

  • Katie Jean

    On the bright side... Human babies aren't born with spikes... Way to go little hedgehog!

  • Kelly Burkert

    cutest hedgehog ever - Google Search

  • Erika Hanley

    Almost every baby animal makes me squeal in joy! Not excluding these baby hedgehogs!!!

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Look at that sweet little baby face! Even though Mama could probably stomp you into a grease spot in the snow, she looks sweet, too.

Ssshhhh...little one is trying to sleep and her little look of annoyance at being disturbed is most expressive.

how is sonic a hedge hog? He makes them seem so hard core... they are precious little lazy pups! ♥

Mama and baby... Love to see how all mama's babies interact with affection, comes naturally.

Betty resisted the urge to scream as Bobby asked once more, "Are we there yet?"

Mama Deer with Her could anyone kill animals as peaceful as them

My 4 year old son saw this and said - aww, look mommy! The mommy's checking him. :) Soo cute!

Big Puppy - Either: "I don't feel good... Please HOLD me" OR: But, but, but I don't NEED any shots!!!!!!!!!!!

mom, what happens to my neck? It is heigher than all my school friends and they all laugh at me...