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    The true story of Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy

    The story of Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy has been romanticized for years, and it is indeed a tragic love story akin to something Shakespeare might have devised. However, the story as it is ...
    • Sharon Leo

      Johnes Hatfield. Son of Anderson 'Devil Anse' Hatfield. One in the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys.

    • Kathryn Bender

      'Johnse' was more famous for his ill-conceived romance with Roseanna McCoy, daughter of Randolph, but then married Roseanna's cousin Nancy McCoy & was famously hen-pecked thereafter to the extent that he became absent from the feud during his time with her.

    • Barb Hipsher

      The Hatfield McCoy Feud

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    Battle of Blair Mountain 1921

    WV- Garrett and Devil Hatfield

    hatfield and mccoy family tree | Show image list »

    Hatfield. Of Hatfield and McCoy fame.

    Battle of Matewan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. May 19, 1920. The Battle of Matewan (also known as the Matewan Massacre) was a shootout in the town of Matewan, West Virginia in Mingo County on May 19, 1920 between local miners and the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency.

    Hatfields and McCoys: Anse and Levicy at cemetery

    Battle of Blair Mountain, 1921 in West Virginia

    Jane Maynard Hatfield, wife of Valentine "Wall" Hatfield and mother of Granny Nancy Hatfield Steele.

    My great-grandfather, Eugene Tuckwiller, sitting with Sid Hatfield and the Hatfield clan in Matewan, WV (photo courtesy of my cousin Amelia Tuckwiller and second cousin Gordon)

    John Sayles' brilliant film about the mine wars in WV in the 1920s--family lore has it that my great-grandfather served on the jury that didn't convict Sid Hatfield for his role in what came to be known as the Matewan Massacre.

    Clifford Gene New, a valued friend of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud page, submitted these images and said, "I found this last month, it shows that Perry Cline was a witness with Johnse Hatfield and Nancy McCoy when they went to Pikeville on May 11th to get their marriage license, and it also shows that they got married at Nancy's mother's house, Martha McCoy', on the 14th of May 1881. It shows that Nancy was 15-years-old when they got married, not 16 as most books say."

    Uncle Jim Vance

    The two story cabin in this photograph belonged to Anderson C. "Preacher Anse" Hatfield. Preacher Anse lived from 1835 - 1920 and was a cousin to Devil Anse Hatfield of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy Feud. The cabin was located in Logan County, West Virginia.

    Charles Hatfield - aka The Rainmaker

    Wirt Hatfield, Coal Mountain, WV

    Ed Chambers, best friend of Matewan Police Chief Sid Hatfield was assassinated 91 years ago on the steps of the McDowell County Court House.

    Ellison Hatfield, Devil Anse Hatfield and Ole Ranl McCoy prepare to feud

    This rare image, from the Margaret Trump Collection, was taken in Pax, WV. Sitting on the swing, on the left, is Anderson Hatfield. looking toward the camera, along with his daughter, Elizabeth "Betty" Hatfield Caldwell, who was the seventh child of Devil Anse and Louvicey Hatfield. The individuals on the right side of the swing are unidentified.

    This is the home of Preacher Anderson "Anse" of infamous hog trial Floyd Hatfield v. Randolph McCoy. One hundred yards from this house were the election grounds where Johnse Hatfield met Rosanna McCoy and years later, the site of the murder of Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield's brother, Ellison, by Randolph McCoy's three sons: Tolbert, Pharmer, and Randolph, Jr. (Bud). McCarr, Pike County, Kentucky

    William Anderson "Cap" Hatfield home at Sarah Ann, West Virginia

    My Great Great Great Grandmother, Nancy A. Vance Hatfield Spouse: Ephraim Hatfield (1812 - 1881)* Oldest son: Judge Valentine Wall Hatfield Children: Martha Hatfield Varney (1831 - 1910)* Anderson Hatfield (1839 - 1921)* Ellison Hatfield (1843 - 1882)* Jacob Hatfield (1845 - 1923)* Elias Hatfield (1846 - 1908)* Emma Hatfield Smith Reeves Roush (1848 - 1929)* Biddie Hatfield Mitchell (1850 - 1924)*

    William Anderson "Cap" Hatfield home at Sarah Ann, West Virginia

    I ♥ the Hatfield and McCoy feud Members of the Hatfield clan, circa 1880s. [Kentucky Historical Society via gunsandposes]

    Hatfield and McCoy