Lace (jacket, jeans, cream lace)/ Bixby rarely mixes rich colors with pastels, so the pants and jacket would be color she found suitable to go with the lace.

Moikana Cream Lace Jacket by Decor e Salto Alto

love the added lace

Lace jacket

love the asymmetric edge and the lace | something to try to sew

Crochet lace and blue jeans


Grey Lace Cuffs sweater

This would be a simple make over! Take an old tunic or sweater, add some trim of your choice along the bottom, done. I personally wouldn't have a foofy collar like this.

DIY lace scarf! yes please! I love this!

Lace sleeved sweatshirt



Lace top

Tweed. Ruffles. Jeans. Got it.

lace heels

love, love, love... sequin tank over collared shirt under jean jacket. perfection!

Purple and lace.

colors ~

sew on some lace sleeves to a plain shirt

lace back