...without moving the stickers around. LOL

My cousins are crazy-good when it comes to solving a rubik's cube. I tried plenty of times and even had them teach me how but danngggg. I just can't solve the friggin thing. Before I die, I want to solve it. (Without cheating!

Aye... go see me roots....

Went to Dublin on a hen weekend. Probably should go back as don't remember much.

Plan My Best Friend's Wedding.

Isn't this cozy/romantic/beautiful. I've always wanted a church wedding. But, outside weddings are so beautiful!

Before I die..

Perfect Bucket list: Hold a baby turtle THAT I got from the ocean! of coarse I would let it go moments later, just after I got a pic loldone but not with sea turtle

I would not want to see the winter O's but the summer would be great,

watch the olympics live! preferably track, gymnastics, or swimming. I love the summer olympics

Hopefully soon.....

Maybe one day I will feel comfortable in my own skin maybe

Be able to do a handstand like that. Or like the kind Jess does with the splits!

I've taken acro for several years, and I still haven't mastered the handstand! Someday I will hold one longer than five seconds.

Do crazy stuff with my lover and laugh and giggle, a lot.

bake in the middle of the night with someone i love bucket list before i die