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discus fish

Discus - these colorful tropical saltwater wild fish can thrive in a large well kept saltwater aquarium!

My litle fish called Bob is a Betta fish.

Blue beta fish even match the blue orchid perfectly, I can see these swimming around in vases with pearls and water surrounded by candles as a centerpiece!


Types of Discus fish! These freshwater fish are considered fairly easy to care for, however, they prefer having a tall tank (rather than a long one) and also like have fellow Discus fish friends.

Oceans | Océanos - #Oceans - #Sea

The Beautiful Depths Photo and caption by John K. Goodman a brightly illuminated jelly drifts past the camera in a cloud of newly hatched nymphs

Oceans | Océanos - #Oceans - #Sea

they take up residence in empty barnacles or any hard little hole that protects them. The have some of the cutest, funniest faces of any of the fish underwater.but they are very small, and very shy. By liquidkingdom.

By A Natureza E Os Animais: Fundo do mar.

Yellow with Orange dot (eye) + black and silver (scallop pattern) + Blue and green dots= Pyjama Cardinal Fish pattern/print inspiration.

coral reef, sulawesi island, indonesia.


All kinds of animals / Sea anemone. Vittoria Amati photographs the marine life around the coral reefs of Sulawesi, Indonesia. on imgfave