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workspace これはかなり理想的。採光のためだけの窓、傾斜机だから、姿勢も保てる。荷物置き場に適さないので、翌日に仕事を残せません。

28 Creative Ideas For Repurposing Old Items

Reclaimed upcycled furniture for the office or home! furniture ideas - Bing Images I've always wanted to do this! More

Making furniture from obsolete material and and giving new life to old ones 1

MvK: If you had to name the most important couture techniques to master, what would they be? Susan Khalje: Well, being able to fit something perfectly is essential – and that’s tricky, it just is – but apart from that, I’d say that you’ve got to be adept

MINI Table or Desk lamp with USB charging station by BossLamps, $68.50