Eyedropper Painting for Pincer Grasp Practice! I think this would work great on coffee filters. Also would cool to cut out squares of white cloth bound with masking tape on the edges so the paintings are easy to hang or frame. Better yet, what about RIT dye and T-shirts (put cardboard between front and back)?? - Repinned (and expanded on) by @PediaStaff – Please Visit http://ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins


Shake It Up: no mess painting for kids! An easy, fun art project toddlers & preschoolers will love.

Handled Sponge Paint Stamps #sponsored - prevent messy hands when sponge painting with these sponge stamps with handles

Snowflake painting with pine needles!

On a tray, place a pile of baking soda. Mix vinegar + a few drops of food coloring in a cup. Give the kids an eyedropper. Have them fill it with vinegar, squeeze onto the baking soda and watch mini volcanoes erupt!

kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group

paint in a bag is good for drawing and practicing letters

looks like it would be great for finger isolation

Finger Twister Game - $4.99 // I bet you could easily make this for a simple party favor. Or for tables for guest to play with while waiting for food.

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Drip-Drop Watercolor Painting

Magic Mud Recipe- fun for volcano play, dinosaur small worlds, magic mud pies, Science play and so much more! SUPER FUN Science!

Fine motor

Kids Activity: Painting With Lego’s

Painting with flowers

Occupational therapy, finger twister

25 Ideas to Get Your Child Ready to Write - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit http://ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Preschool Preschool

Magnet fine motor skill activity montessori inspired by AlenaSani

Fun preschool activity. Painting on Wet Glue.