This Inviting Garden Entryway Passes Through Wide Trellises Framing Each Side of the Arched Gateway with an Abundance of Lush Pink Roses Draped from the Overhead Arbor...

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garden gate



A door to nowhere is an essential component of any faerie mayhem festivities, don't you think?

garden gate

Garden art at its best. Handsome enough to hang on a wall, the garden gate is made of forged iron with a black-brown finish and includes latch and hinges. Has an outward opening with the closure latch on the gate's right side. 44"W x 6.5"D x 47"T. Application of a sealant coating is recommended for lasting beauty outdoors.


Cellular Vinyl Double Yorktown Gate | Entrance Gates, Wood Gates, and more from Walpole Woodworkers

Hydrangea gate

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Could this be the gate to my garden?

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Lady Anne's Charming Cottage: Charming Garden Gateways... Wow! I just want to run out of the gate like a little girl again & twirl about the flowers and grass....