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Harry potter cast trying to speak in American accents This is hilarious.

The Harry Potter cast speaks with American accents. this is the funniest thing i've seen in a while! "I speak American. It's the Freedom Language.

Harry is not amused ross

Ross from friends - Harry Potter. My life is an embarrassment! I should go live under somebody's stairs.

This made me snort, seriously.

Rupert: "we're kind of like sisters. (Rupert admits he is a girl from nervousness because he knows he loves her)

CNN actually researched how much it would cost to go to Hogwarts. I'd take out the loans...D:

CNN actually researched how much it would cost to go to Hogwarts. just to point out the textbooks to a fake, magical school cost just as much as a semesters worth of books in college. it'd be worth it!

Shot of the 'Golden Trio' embracing after filming the last scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final installment of the record breaking Harry Potter franchise [Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter)]

The last day of filming Harry Potter. This made me tear up :'( Oh Rupert's face.

London Olympic Games #harry potter

“ He’s back! Voldemort and the dementors at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2012 ”

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This would make a fab Graduation Cake if you made slight changes to books eg subjects studied and change wand for scroll. Maybe add a mortar board somewhere too.

When the person who created it all thinks it was all perfect, then it is| more proof how fantastic Rickman is| they're real to us too <3| & just a hilarious time

Pinner says: JK and Daniel talk about Harry Potter. almost an hour long, but totally worth it for any real fan. Pin now, Watch later