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The USA is an "exceptional" nation... and that "exceptionalism" BEGINS with the FREE market system. The more the Fed Gov interferes with the FREE market system, the less it functions as intended/designed and the more this Nation begins to look like OTHER nations... you know? Greece, et al?

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This is true. :)

YES! YES! YES! Oklahoma Governor signs anti-sharia bill!!! 4-19-13 Hmmm... may want to move here....

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More wine less whine sign made from reclaimed plywood

Oh so true

Can you believe that this was uttered by the Attorney General of the USA? Racism works more than one way. I am Latino and believe me when I say that there are, amongst my ethnic people, those who HATE Whites as well as those who HATE Blacks… If racism is alive today, and I believe it is, then so too is reverse-racism which is just a weird way of saying… R-A-C-I-S-M!!! Political Correctness is a pharmaceutical drug that only covers the problem, Free Speech is nutrition that heals. We NEED to…

Let Freedom Ring! The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. LET FREEDOM RING!!!!