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This renews my hope that humanity isn't completely gone - A firefighter gives a Koala a drink (2009 Australian Bushfires)

Firefighter giving koala water during the Black Saturday bushfires, Temperatures reached 46 degrees Celsius °F) Victoria Australia. This makes my heart melt(:

Faith in humanity restored; the true showing of character is when you take the time to help someone, or something, who can do nothing for you.  Achie  #animals  #pets  @hpman

Faith in humanity restored

Funny pictures about Firefighters being awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Firefighters being awesome. Also, Firefighters being awesome.

I would do it too

Faith in humanity restored. Not for that dogs owner, because honestly who would leave their dog outside in that cold weather? But faith for the random stranger that cared about the dog in the freezing temps

Faith in Humanity: Restored! Just beautiful!

Faith in Humanity: Restored, Makes me want to cry because I am so happy to see good in the world. Towards people AND animals. If an opportunity like these were presented to me, I would help in a heartbeat.

I admire people...

This homeless man is obviously taking a lighter approach to his situation. The dog is truly a man's best friend, because the man sacrifices his well being, for the animals.

We need more people like this man, and mine is only restored with some.

Funny pictures about We need more people like this man. Oh, and cool pics about We need more people like this man. Also, We need more people like this man.

Used to see these guys nestled up in trees back when I was at school sometimes. Adorable.

Koala baby Owen (by The Zoo Dude) Omg his name is Owen! This is highly adorable.

This is such a great picture!

This man's dog can't walk anymore. So he puts the dog on a wheelchair to take her out. Man is dogs best friend! so sweet.

Panda and cub in Melbourne zoo

Funny pictures about A mother panda and her little cub. Oh, and cool pics about A mother panda and her little cub. Also, A mother panda and her little cub photos.