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High Tide free fonts

High Tide – unique free font family of three completely different weights – Regular, Bold and Original.

monotheistic balance (Ying/Yang) magic, masculinity creation, life cycle (four seasons) travel, life, fertility (love gods) responsibility perfect, order, completion sadness (toes/fingers) vision, intuition negativity, understanding

number 8, (Paris Typeface)-Wow this is one beautiful font! Graceful and elegant. The differences in weight between the thick and thin strokes make it impractical for body copy but in a display size.

I added this picture because being tough keeps my mind in the right state of mind. I can go but makes me feel like horrible about my self. i can work dressed normal, simple job just driving around but if I'm dressed for such i feel lie a new man.

hate is almost always born from love, because they aren't opposite emotions, they are parallel emotions; the deeper you love someone, the deeper the capacity is to hate them